Pie & Pasta Blend


Off all the blends, the Pie & Pasta Blend took me years to perfect because it had to perform two seemingly opposing tasks: produce a tender homemade egg pasta and a flake all over your shirt crust.  All I can say is, put your chef hat on.  Now!

The egg pasta recipe is inspired by my dutiful Italian grandmother, Giovanna, who brought her recipe back from the motherland, and luckily, the gluten-free version I created using this blend got her seal of approval before she passed away.  This egg pasta is perfect for making all manner of hand rolled, filled and cut pasta shapes.

Now with the short crust.  When I hear the the words short crust, I can't help but salivate just a little bit. Pâte brisée, or short crust, is a pillar in the baking kingdom because it is so necessary; it serves thousands of recipes. Like a righteous queen, this gluten-free recipe rules with a stoic, delicate virtuosity.  

Add a cup of confectioner's sugar to this blend and you have pâte sucrée, the sweet daughter of the queen, who is prized for her ability to travel long distances without breaking, and is a welcome balance to the more savory characters at court.  From regal terrines to homey galettes, you can be your own Cinderalla, and the Pie & Pasta Blend is the glass slipper to make the transformation complete.  Gluten-free or not, I debuted this recipe while baking in France and one of my patrons exclaimed "This is the best tart crust I have ever had---and I have lived in France my whole life--how can it be that it is an American woman who did it!?"  Little did he know it was gluten-free.  If I had told him, he probably would of keeled over and died. 

I recommend using cultured butter for a more intense butter flavor and try adding a little vodka to the dough--the flaky result will bring you to your knees.


  • Each bag yields 2 12-inch tarts or 150 gnochhi.
  • Cerified Gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, xanthan gum free
  • Ingredients: (All NON-GMO) tapioca flour,  rice flour, non-gmo cornstarch, sorghum flour, cane sugar, guar gum and kosher salt

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